Angie at Mother Jones

Bay Area audiences still remember Angie in her first gig: novice traffic reporter on the 2am shift. Within a year she became Metro Traffic's afternoon anchor, juggling reports and personas on eight stations. KQED public radio picked her up as an announcer, then a news anchor, and finally as host for their signature Friday talk show. She then debuted Mother Jones Magazine's national interview show on Air America Radio. Now Angie hosts conversations on American politics and culture with Live from the Left Coast. Angie's garnered multiple awards for her incisive, informed, and personable style.


Radio News and Talk

Live From the Left Coast: The Angie Coiro Show

Host, Air America’s Mother Jones Radio

Host, Friday Forum, KQED

Announcer, KQED

News Anchor, KQED News/California Report


SPOTLIGHT! Youth Cinema Series Host, KCSM-TV

KQED-TV Pledge Host

KGO-TV Traffic Reporter


PRNDI (Public Radio News Directors Inc.)

Best Interview, Large Station: Salman Rushdie

Peninsula Press Club

Best Interview or Talk Show, First Place: Salman Rushdie

Best Public Affairs Program, Second Place: Dog Mauling Trial

American Women In Radio and Television, Golden Gate Chapter

Best Talk Show Host